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Balanced nutrition programs

We provide delicious, ready-to-eat food for weight loss.

Just choose the menu you like and enjoy the results.

Išsirink programą

How it works

You choose your favorite



Choose your favorite food and order the program online or by phone.

We deliver food to you

We will prepare and deliver the food to your door or you can pick it up yourself for free.

You eat, enjoy and


you are losing weight

We give the gift of freedom from meal planning, shopping and the kitchen. It remains to enjoy the results.

"Health and well-being are really good, everything got sorted out very quickly. I exercise 4 times a week. I have already recommended you to at least 5 people"


— Arthur

Artūras chose the program: 2000 kcal per day, based on Vaidas Kurpienie's principles of healthy nutrition.



Encouraging results

"If you are wondering about the results, for today - 4 kg, although I definitely have a lot to lose. I ate 100 percent, but I didn't always drink enough water. I am pleased with the result, considering that it was not difficult to adhere, even the same sweets did not have a strong desire."


—  Daiva 

Daiva chose the program: 15 days, 1600 kcal, based on Vaidas Kurpienie's principles of healthy nutrition.


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