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For 9 years now, we are proud to be the first in Lithuania to present balanced, ready-made food programs for slimming and developing new eating habits. We give our customers freedom from the kitchen and the store.

21 days idea

I have always tried to eat healthy, but I have noticed that the fast pace of life often gets in the way of this goal. Searching for and making healthy food takes a lot of time, and it's not always easy to choose healthy dishes when you go to a cafe or restaurant. I had a dream once, "how nice it would be to have someone bring home freshly prepared, healthy meals for the whole day every morning or evening." This is how the idea of a healthy nutrition system "21 days" was born. For 9 years, this system has been helping people to eat healthy without forgetting the kitchen and the store.

When working with customers, we pay special attention to the quality of food, so we create food programs whose health benefits are based on scientific research.

21 days - a person can form a new habit by doing something every day. If you want to form healthy eating habits, I invite you to do it together.

"21 diena" creator Živile Jokimčiūtė

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